Dr Syeda Ruksheda

Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

Dr Syeda Ruksheda is an eminent psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Born and raised in Mumbai, she has a thriving practice in Lokhandwala since 2002, specializing in adolescents, young adults, women, and families.

She was trained at esteemed medical institutes of Mumbai namely Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College and Hospital and did specialization in psychiatry from GS Medical College and KEM Hospital. She has a prestigious WHO Fellowship in Psychosocial Rehabilitation and has won numerous international awards representing India.

Dr Ruksheda is a celebrated TEDx speaker with a compassionate, positive attitude and an ability to connect with people of diverse ages and backgrounds. Her warmth and empathetic communication style while simplifying psychiatric concepts sans jargon has made her very popular with the media as a mental health expert appearing on TV, radio and print and a script consultant on various television shows and films.

A passionate advocate of community mental health, Dr Ruksheda has regular clinics at charitable institutes in order to bridge the gap and provide affordable quality mental health care to all. She volunteers for talks and workshops for NGOs, schools, and colleges, working towards awareness and prevention of psychological illnesses and was inspired to launch a public service initiative in 2017 called MARG.